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Event Information:

  • Sat

    Boiled in Lead

    8:00 pm

    Celtic music infused with punk-rock attitude
    Since 1983, BiL have been innovators in bridging traditional music from many cultures with the sound and attitude of a rock band. A Boiled In Lead concert is a combination of darkly-tinged folk ballads and originals alongside instrumental dance music from Ireland and elsewhere. Enthusiastic, powerful, technically brilliant, playing a wealth of instruments with extreme dynamics, Boiled In Lead routinely demolishes genres with its highly-identifiable sound. An Onion A&E quote describes the band’s approach well: “…the prime purveyor of a style of Celtic music infused with punk-rock attitude, developing over the years with a hard-driving swirl that combined Irish folk with heavy rock and elements of styles from all over the world…even without amplification, Boiled In Lead can summon up furious punk-folk energy.”